Monday, August 08, 2011

misis conan

i did this when we are working on the conan animation series.

Friday, August 05, 2011

avengers cartoon 90s

here is a sample storyboard for the Saban ent "avengers" cartoons,where i was the storyboard director and my buddy Ron Myrick ic the Director/Producer

Too hot!

It is really Summer!!!Its very hot outside! 90 degrees is too much! Lucky we have AC or else,i wouldnt know how i will cope with the hotness!

some of my comicbook covers

Here are some of the covers that i did when i was still on comicbooks

DEATHS HEAD for Marvel

Issue number one (great royalties!}

Pencils by Neal Adams/inked by me

1st issue of Battle tide

Last cover for Death 3

Wow! i also did Wolverine?

Now...this is one of the artworks of my great teacher(Nestor Redondo)

A video and comicbook cover for a well known Barbarian!